Emma Ziff interview on BBC Radio London on conjugal visits (sex) for prisoners

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Being interviewed as a sex and relationship expert on BBC Radio London 94.9 Drivetime with Eddie Nestor discussing conjugal visits for prisoners.


Emma Ziff is an internationally acclaimed Relationship, Dating & Sex expert. A specialist in all aspects of sexual and intimacy issues, she helps people realise that there are many others in the same situation. Bringing these concerns out into the open for both singles and couples of all sexual preferences, Emma ultimately helps you put the fun back into the bedroom...lounge... kitchen...bathroom....!

As a non-judgmental lateral thinker, with a 12 year career in TV, media and Radio, Emma covers many topics that make most people run a mile, from erectile dysfunction to incestuous relationships. Bringing these issues to the forefront of today’s society, she has helped 1000’s of people in their lives and relationships. With her openness and easy approach, Emma quickly gets to the heart of the issues and offers guidance, advice and fantastic helpful tips! Her radio show 'Ziffy's Love Zone' has a unique style of presenting, and informative advice combining the knowledge of Dr Ruth with the humour of Joan Rivers!
As her radio guests and phone-in callers describe her show “Its direct, you ask a question and you get the answer with ‘warts and all’, Emma doesn’t beat about the bush.”

Emma has been interviewed on many radio programs all over the world including BBC Radio and has made various television appearances on programs such as Real Women.

A global speaker and seminar leader, Emma empowers men and women through self-awareness, in a fun and informative way. In her private sessions, her goal is to help you gain an insight into the bigger picture of your life so that you can bravely face and overcome obstacles and negative patterns in your relationships.

With Emma's passion for greater communication and sexual knowledge for couples, she champions worldwide for honesty around the subject of orgasms with her global 'Make It, NOT Fake It' campaign!

As a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and University College Hospital London, Emma likes to keep up-to-date with the latest medical and psychology research. She also has close links with the Family Planning Association, with the importance of people’s knowledge around sexual health. Her qualifications include Sexology, Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Time Line therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Complimentary Health.

Emma is a well published author, including: ‘How To Enjoy Sex On A First Date .... And Still Feel Guilt Free’, and contributes to many international newspapers and magazines on Love and Sex.